Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Learning Process

Over break, I did a little work on my project. Pretty much I just continued using the apps to learn how to code. I am getting better at it, but I still need a lot more experience until I am ready to create the app. I a shooting for March to start actually using the coding skills I have learned to start building the app and hopefully have it completed when it comes time for the presentations. I want to talk to the programming and computer skills teacher here at South to see if he or she would be able to help mentor me during the course of this project. I think that will help me learn how to code quicker and give me someone to seek for guidance when I get stuck.

Regarding the coding meet ups/classes that I discussed last week, I am still looking at the meet up at the Atomic House. That seems to be one of the only coding classes I can find.There is one on CSS on December 7 which is next Saturday. I might go to this one, but I really want to find one that is closer and a little bit  more organized (mainly because the one at the Atomic House seems a little sketchy). For now I will keep looking for a class and continue learning how to code.

Code on!

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