Monday, January 27, 2014

Full speed ahead

This past week I had midterms and the mock trial so I was unable to get a lot finished with regards to the project. But I did do a lot of thinking about my speech, I'm leaning towards going in the direction of how schools don't teach us what we need to know. We can recite every detail about the War of 1812 but have no idea how to balance a check, write a college essay, apply for jobs. We need to be learning more skills that we will actually need in life, coding for instance. Schools are not preparing you for the future, just filling students with mindless information. 

This week I am going to draft an email to send to Aaron Johnson, the Director of Curriculum about trying to get programming part of the curriculum. Hopefully I can meet with him and the board that decides on the curriculum to discuss the possibility. Also I am going to go to a Girl Code it meet up downtown soon hopefully, if I can find someone to go with Me.

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