Sunday, February 23, 2014

A much needed break

This past week was winter break and I was in London with my family which made it a little hard to work on my project. I took this as a chance to take a break from school, including the project. I didn't really do any work on it while we were away but am hoping to get more done in the next weeks to come. I need to send the email once I get the OK from Mr. Provenzano. I am planning on just taking it one step at a time and seeing what the director of curriculum says and then decide what I will do next. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

A long process

This past week I drafted my email to the director of cirriculum for my district and now I just need Mr. Provenzano to look over it. The powerpoint is halfway done and I plan on finishing that when I get back from Mid-winter break which is next week I guess I will just see how it goes once I send the email and see what his response is. From there I will decide what I am going to next, either go to a school board meeting, or join the board of curriculum, or contact Dr. Harwood himself.

I haven't had much time to actually focus on learning to program, last weekend I learned a little more on HTML. Other than that I have been focusing more of my time on the presentation and trying to get programming into the curriculum.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Adventures

It is official, I have just submitted the forms! I am officially going to Yale this summer for their pre-college program. Hopefully I will learn a lot about programming that will help me even though my 20 time project will be over by then. As for the present, having the Mock Trial last week (I was been deemed not guilty! Woo!) took up a lot of my time and I still have not gotten a chance to draft the email to Aaron Johnson. I am planning on doing that today. With regards to the power point, it is almost complete but I am a little weary of when I should present it because of all of the scandals/issues the district is facing right now, like the Tech Bond and the Inclusion issue. Hopefully they will die down soon so I will be able to present my power point and it won't get brushed to the side in the midst of the chaos.

Also thank you to everyone who has commented on my blogs recently, I really appreciate it and it really means a lot to know that my project is being seen by all different parts of the country! It gives me hope that this project will actually work out in the end and that I am doing something worthwhile.