Monday, February 10, 2014

A long process

This past week I drafted my email to the director of cirriculum for my district and now I just need Mr. Provenzano to look over it. The powerpoint is halfway done and I plan on finishing that when I get back from Mid-winter break which is next week I guess I will just see how it goes once I send the email and see what his response is. From there I will decide what I am going to next, either go to a school board meeting, or join the board of curriculum, or contact Dr. Harwood himself.

I haven't had much time to actually focus on learning to program, last weekend I learned a little more on HTML. Other than that I have been focusing more of my time on the presentation and trying to get programming into the curriculum.


  1. Brenna, give some thought to posting a draft of your letter and/or Powerpoint to your blog so your classmates can give you their thoughts before you finalize it. Scott

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