Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mid-year Update

Mr. Provenzano asked us all to answer a couple questions this week for an update on 20 time:

1.What have you liked least/most about 20 time?

I have really enjoyed being able to learn new things and do whatever I want to for this project. It has given me the chance to do something I never would have thought about doing. It has also made me want to do more in my community and in my school, I don't just want to be an 'average student' and with 20 time I'm not. I love not learning what is in the curriculum and being able to learn how to program in my English class. Some of the downfalls to 20 Time is how much out of school time it takes in order to make it worthwhile. Obviously 20 Time is a huge task and it is going to require time outside of school, but nowadays most high schoolers don't have that kind of time. Even though we are allowed every Friday in class to work on our projects it doesn't really help because I am  usually blogging or we are watching a TedX video, thus leaving all of the work to be done outside of school and on the weekends. To be honest, it is very hard trying to find the time to work on my project. Between school, homework, clubs, Tower, and sports I have very little free time. 

2.What would you have done differently with your project?
There are a couple of things that I would have done differently with this project. Number one I wouldn't have waited so long to finally pick an idea. My idea evolved so much from my first blog post and even though I have found a project that I am happy with I feel like I could be a lot farther ahead if I had sped up the deciding process in the fall. Also looking back, I probably would have picked a less time consuming project. Programming is a giant task especially when you are teaching yourself and it requires a lot of dedication. I do not regret my decision but at the same time I wish I had the time to really be invested in it. 


  1. Brenna, any luck reaching out to the school board and/or Dr Harwood? Scott

    1. I just sent the email to Mr. Provenzano to be checked over, so hopefully I will receive a response in the next few days.