Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keeping on keeping on

This week was crazy because my gymnastics team made it to the state finals which were yesterday and Friday. Glad to say that we placed 4th in the state! Aside from that, I sent the email to Mr. Provenzano to see if the email is OK to go and am now just awaiting a response. I was also able to do a little bit more programming, continuing on with HTML and CSS. Once I receive a response from the board of curriculum I am hoping to attend a meeting or meet with the director to discuss possibilities. Although I realize that adding programming to the curriculum will take up to a year or two  and this will be by the time that 20 time is over, I am still going to continue on with it because it is something I feel strongly about and I really believe it will benefit the community.

With regards to my presentation, I am still sticking with the idea that I thought of before and wrote about a couple weeks earlier. I want my presentation to focus on how I do not think schools are preparing us well enough for college. We have all of the classes in the world to choose from but none of them really teach us the things we need to know. Aside from the standard math, social studies, English, and science, there is nothing that really shows you how to survive and prosper in the real world. I think that schools should dedicate most of high school to specializing, students should be able to take classes that interest them and not just classes that they are required to take. There should classes on law, medicine, graphic designing, marketing/advertising, engineering and entrepreneurship. By having these classes, students will be better prepared for college and they will be learning about something they're interested in. By trying to integrate programming into the curriculum, I have learned how much this could benefit kids. They would have a skill that not many have and they would be able to use it when they are in college and beyond. It will help them get into college and help prepare them for it.

Also, just a warning that I will only be blogging every other week starting today!

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  1. Brenna, great to hear that you'll continue trying to modify the curriculum even after the project ends. That shows your commitment (and will be valued by any college you apply to). Scott