Sunday, April 27, 2014

A little taste of summer

This past week my school was on Spring Break which was great and so well needed. Although it was disappointing because it gave me a little taste of summer and then in a second it's gone. For the beginning of the week I was in NYC for vacation which made it difficult to work on my project.  Yet when I got home I was able to do some work on it. I mostly focused on my presentation since TEDx is quickly approaching. I outlined the basis of my presentation and the main key points that I definitely want to talk about. I think that this presentation will be fairly easy for me to right because finally I have found something I am passionate about and really feel strongly about. I think that it's a lot easier to talk about something that really interests you rather than just being assigned something.

I won't rehash what I've said in my previous blogs, but I am definitely sticking with the topic of schools today and how kids are practically programmed. I've added the fact that we are 'programmed' because we pretty much are. We are programmed to get good grades, do what the teacher says and don't question it (even if they might be wrong), join every club you can find, and play sports so you can be a well rounded student and get into a great college. Kids don't do things because they genuinely enjoy them anymore, it's all about how it will help your college application, which is very twisted. School should be something that we look forward to, but instead we just go through the motions, and can't wait until it's over. That is pretty much the jist of my presentation, and I hope I can get the message across. I am using Ken Robinson's speech about how 'Schools kill creativity' for inspiration because I completely agree with his speech and it has some great points.  I have embedded his video above, feel free to watch it. That's it for this week!

P.S.  48 days until we get out of school :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Same old things

We are finally in 4th quarter, which means we are one quarter closer to summer! These past few weeks have been pretty uneventful, I have kept on trying to learn HTML and it keeps getting harder. I haven't had a lot of time to do it because I have been really busy with gymnastics, Tower, and with the quarter ending. As I said last week, I think that I am going to go to a school board meeting sometime soon. There is one on April 14th, and then there are a couple later in the month. I don't really know any other options besides that and I am at a standstill with my project. If I actually want this to happen I think that going to the school board is my best chance. On the other hand, 20 time is getting very time consuming and tedious and part of me just wants it to be over even though it is great to be working on something I actually care about and interests me. 

In regards to my presentation, I am still going in the direction that I had talked about before, but I want to focus more on how school today is all about grades. All everyone cares about are their grades, standardized test scores, and what college they are going to go to. School isn't fun anymore, kids take AP classes and join every club just because they think it will look good on their college application. School shouldn't be like this!! It should be a place that we look forward to going to everyday because it is fun and interesting, not just filled with lectures and kids that overdosed on extracurricular activities. Personally, I think that schools are killing creativity and making teenagers go insane trying to get into the school of their dreams. There should be more interactive/ real world classes. We should have a day each month that is designated to giving back to the community, or a day that we go to a museum and support the city that we live in. Not only does it give kids a break but we are still learning at the same time. Schools need to incorporate different ways to learn, instead of us just all going through the motions and doing everything to please our teachers and get a good grade in the class.