Sunday, June 8, 2014


For my last blog, we are required to answer some questions regarding 20 Time.

1. Overall, what is your opinion of 20 Time based on your experience in class?
Although I think that 20 Time is a good idea, I did not really enjoy it because I wasn't doing something that I was passionate about and because my original idea, to start a charity was shot down. I think that if I would have been able to pursue my original idea I would have enjoyed this project a lot more. Also, it took up way too much time that high schoolers just don't have which added a lot more stress and gave me not a lot of free time.

2. What are some aspects of 20 Time that you think should be adjusted for students next year?
I think that the expectations should be lowered. When Mr. Provenzano introduced this project at the beginning of the year, I think that we all felt the urge to do something life changing and so monumental that we stressed ourselves out trying to cure cancer or gain world peace. If you put that much pressure on them, most of their projects are just going to end up failing because they are trying to do something to huge that they can't fit it into one year. I'm not saying not to dream big, but don't force your students to dream big or it will end up backfiring. Let them decide what they want to do without pressuring them. Also, the 20 Time teacher should not be able to say no to a project, this is all about doing what we are passionate about so what is the point if a teacher can say no to it?

3.What are some aspects of 20 Time that should NOT be changed for students next year?
I think that the blogs should be required every other week just to make sure that students are actually doing their project. 

4. Is 20 Time something that more students should do in school?

Yes, I think that students should have this opportunity to do what they are passionate about. Yet, I don't think that teachers should force kids to do this if they don't want to. Some kids just want to do English and aren't interested in doing a project that is totally unrelated. I think that if this were to be implemented into more schools, that it should be optional or it should be a class that kids can DECIDE to take. 

5. What advice would you give to kids doing 20 Time next year?

Pick something that you are passionate about. Believe me, I was stuck learning how to code which I had absolutely no interest in and honestly it was horrible. Pick something that you want to do, and don't let anybody shoot your idea down. I wish I would have stuck with my original idea, but it was vetoed by a higher power. If you are doing something you love then it won't be hard and it will come naturally. Also, don't try and cure cancer or end world hunger. Choose something reasonable, because if you choose a huge project I promise you that you will be super stressed. Keep in mind that you have 6 other classes and sports and extracurriculars. Lastly, try not to bs all of your blogs, a couple is fine but if you are just making up things week after week you will look back on the year and be disappointed that you didn't spend your time more wisely. This is the only time in your high school career that you will be able to do what you want to do rather than just regular assignments, take advantage of it. 

6. What did you think of the TEDx event? Is this something that the school should do again?

I thought that the TED event was a great idea. It was a great opportunity for us and a good learning experience. The only bad thing about the event was how long it was. It was WAY too long. Either the speeches need to be shortened to 5 minutes or some speakers need to be cut if this happens again in the future. Nobody besides parents are going to stay for 5 hours (and some parents even left). Also I would highly suggest not putting it in the middle of a Saturday ((ESPECIALLY BEFORE FINALS)). It takes up the whole day. I would put it later in the day, like 5 or 6 or even on a friday night that way we don't have to spend all day there. South should definitely do this in the future, but I wouldn't do it every year, rather every 4 or so years.

It's been real 20 Time.